Voight Professional ServicesInc. is a Medical Gas Pipeline Equipment Service, Sales, Verifications & Training Organization. Our Corporate Office is located in Lakeland FL but we provide our service's throughout the entire United States of America. 

Medical Gas Systems are a Critical Part of the "Life Support Systems" within Healthcare Facilities, and as such must be Installed, Inspected & Maintained Properly in order to ensure their Safe, Reliable & Efficient  Function.

VPS, Inc is experienced in the Design, Manufacturing, Installation, Repair, Inspection & Verification of Medical Gas Systems.

We are members of the Medical Gas Professional Healthcare Organization (MGPHO), NFPA, ASSE and the Florida Healthcare Engineers Association (FHEA).

Preventative Maintenance & Service   VPS, Inc. provides Healthcare Facilities with Expert Medical Gas Pipeline Equipment Service in accordance with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Recommendations, NFPA 99 Guidelines and Comprehensive Documentation of all services performed.  

We are committed to providing the best possible service to ensure your Medical Gas Systems are always ready & safe for Patient Use!

We provide Preventative Maintenance & Service for all Medical, Instrument, Laboratory, & Breathing Air Systems & Medical, Laboratory & WAGD Vacuum Systems, Medical & Laboratory Gas Manifolds, Medical Gas Alarms, Medical Gas Outlets and Accessories. 

(Emergency Service Available 24 hours a day/ 7 Days a week)

VPS, Inc can Repair your Medical Air Compressor or Vacuum Pump in your facility; from minor repairs to complete rebuilds! 

VPS, Inc can Replace your old Medical Air Compressors and Vacuum Pumps with New More Efficient Modules; save Energy and Improve Efficiency while adding capacity for future growth!

VPS, Inc can Retro-Fit your old Alarms & Outlets/Inlets!

VPS, Inc. will Provide & Install Low Voltage Alarm Wiring & Conduit

VPS, Inc can Provide "Turn Key" Replacement Medical Air Systems, Medical Vacuum Systems, Medical Gas Manifolds, Alarms, Outlets/Inlets, Headwalls & Equipment Management Systems! We will provide & Install the System of your choice; we can provide Engineered Drawings with AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) Approval, Permits, with Installation performed by Licensed, Insured & Bonded Contracting Professionals!

VPS, Inc can Plan & Execute Back Feeds & Shut Downs of your Medical Gas & Vacuum Systems

Medical Gas System Verifications & Inspections  VPS, Inc. will provide Medical Gas System Verification/Testing of all Medical Gas Pipeline Distribution Systems. We perform  Medical Gas System Verifications & Inspections in accordance with NFPA 99 & ASSE Series 6000 Standard 6030. We provide Comprehensive Documentation of all Tests, Inspections & Recommendations for Compliance. Our Personnel are MGPHO Credentialed Medical Gas System Verifiers (CMGV), NITC/ASSE 6030 Medical Gas System Verifiers & NITC/ASSE 6020 Medical Gas System Inspectors. 

"You must be absolutely positive that your Medical Gas Systems are Safe for Patient use! When we Test & Inspect, this is our #1 Concern & Objective!"

We will provide “Annual Inspection & Testing Service” for existing installations in accordance with NFPA 99 & applicable manufacturer’s recommendations. Additionally we provide "System Evaluations" to determine Code Compliance as well as the ability to meet current & future Demands for each Source System

Credentialed Medical Gas System Verifiers (MGPHO & NITC)
Annual Medical Gas System Inspections
Medical Gas System Verifications for New Contruction, Renovations, Alterations and Repairs

Training   For ASSE 6010 Medical Gas System Installers, ASSE 6020 Medical Gas System Inspectors, 
ASSE 6030 Medical Gas System Verifiers & ASSE 6040 Medical Gas System Maintenance Personnel
State of Florida CILB Provider # 0004931, Course # 0608446
NITC/ASSE 6050 Medical Gas Systems Instructors
We now offer ASSE 6010 Medical Gas Installer training in any U.S. state! 
Consulting   We will work with the Design Team, Inspectors, Installers & Hospital Engineers to ensure the Complete Medical Gas Distribution System meets NFPA 99 Code Requirements and the Best Technologies are provided for current & Future demands of the Healthcare Facility.   

New Equipment & Parts Sales   For all Medical Air Systems, Instrument Air Systems, Laboratory Air Systems & Breathing Air Systems, Medical Air Dryers, Medical Air Compressors, Dew Point Monitors, Carbon Monoxide Monitors, Filters & Medical Vacuum Systems, Laboratory Vacuum Systems & Waste Anesthetis Gas Disposal (WAGD) Vacuum Systems, Vacuum Pumps, Exhaust Filters, Medical Gas Manifolds  & Laboratory Gas Manifolds, Medical Gas Alarms, Medical Gas Outlets and Accessories, Patient Headwall Systems, Patient Consoles, Suction Regulators, Flowmeters, Pressure Regulators, Medical Gas Hose Assemblies, Medical Fittings & Adapters, Equipment Management Rails, Gas Blocks & Accessories. 

Corporate Office:
Phone: (863)-646-7555
Fax: (863)-646-2999
Email: customer.service@medgaspro.org
4518 Clements Rd.
Lakeland Florida 33811
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