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Preventative Maintenance

Annually, Semi-Annually or Quarterly in accordance with OEM recommendations.

Click the link above for a Medical Gas Professional in you area.

Rebuilds/Overhauls & Replacements

In accordance with OEM recommendations of the following Medical Gas Pipeline Distribution Equipment:

Medical Air Systems & Accessories

WAGD Systems

High Pressure (Med Gas/Lab) Manifold Systems

Low Pressure (Med Gas/Lab) Manifold Systems

Nitrogen Control Panels

Patient Headwalls

Medical Vacuum Systems

Instrument Air Systems

Medical Gas Alarm Systems

Medical Gas Outlets/Inlets

Medical Gas Ceiling Columns/Booms

Equipment Management Systems

Consulting & Training for the Design, Installation & Maintenance

Medical Gas Pipeline Distribution Systems in accordance with NFPA 99 & ASSE 6000 Requirements/Standards. Our Instructors are Credentialed through NITC (ANSI) & we are a CILB Provider of the Medical Gas Systems Installers Course for the State of Florida. We train the Installers as well as the Hospital Maintenance Personnel! We will work with your Design Team to ensure that the Medical Gas & Vacuum Equipment and Distribution System meet Code Requirements as well as the facility requirements for both current as well as future needs.

Annual Inspection & Testing Service

Facility Specific Electronic Files

For Existing installations in accordance with NFPA 99 & applicable manufacturer's recommendations. Our Inspectors & Verifiers are Credentialed through NITC (ANSI) & MGPHO.

VPS, Inc. offers E-Files. With E-Files you are able to access any VPS, Inc. generated report on any smart device or computer. All Field Service, Preventative Maintenance, Verifications and Annual Inspection Reports are in one place, accessible from anywhere.

With emphasis on the Annual Inspection Reports, we have designed this interactive report with links straight to your facility-specific OEM Manuals. Discrepancy Lists are updated in real-time as discrepancies are repaired so your Work Orders can be closed out in a timely manner. All discrepancy repairs are accompanied by a Field Service Report.

With E-Files you are able to search all reports with one keyword. You are able to share your reports. You are able to bookmark, print and download.


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