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Scheduling Classes

In Florida: Training at your facility must have a minimum of 8 people.

For people that would like to travel to VPS, Inc. for training, we require an accumulation of 6 individuals minimum to hold a class.

For Out of State: Classes must have a minimum of 10 people.

State of Florida CILB Provider # 0004931, Course # 0608446
NITC/ASSE 6050 Medical Gas Systems Instructors

Upcoming Courses
On January 1, 2024 Florida adopted the NFPA 99 2021 code.
Please contact us to schedule your Refresher Course.

ASSE 6010

Medical Gas Installer

ASSE 6020

Medical Gas Inspector

ASSE 6030

Medical Gas Verifier

ASSE 6040

Med Gas Maint. Personnel

ASSE 6010

NFPA 99 2021

Refresher Course Application

ASSE 6040

Med Gas Maintenance Personnel 


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